Product creation

Starky Enterprises produces and markets informational products in various industries:


  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Self help / personal development
  • Social networking


Currently, Starky Enterprises has produced various informational products. including: (1) The Social Circle Mastery DVD (2) The How To Get Taller Ebook (3) The Phone and Text Ebook.


These products (and others) are regularly marketed through various online avenues (in particular, Internet Marketing and seminars).


The Starky Enterprises Product Creation strategy consists of:


  1. Releasing free informational products. The first step involves putting together a small information product for free distribution. In exchange for this product, Starky Enterprises builds email lists of people who are potential customers.
  2. Email marketing. Clients from the email list are then converted to customers over a gradual process of email marketing.
  3. Market new products. Once trust is built with the existing email list, new products are marketed to customers. Opt in rates
  4. are regularly high when utilizing this strategy.
  5. Establish experts in the niche field. The creation of these products will subseqneutly establish Starky Enterprises and it's employees as experts in various niche fields.


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